Is a Pet Bird the Right Choice for You?

If you like birds and enjoy watching them in your garden, it is possible that a bird would be an excellent pet for you. But before you decide whether to offer a home to a bird there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. A pet birds can be more demanding and costly than you might imagine and you must be sure that you are able to properly care for your new feathered friend. Continue reading

Pet Bird Nutrition – How to Properly Feed Your Bird

Birds make for highly rewarding pets but they have complex needs. Few owners are deliberately negligent regarding the welfare of their birds but run into trouble because of a lack of knowledge. Birds have high metabolic rates which means that inadequacies in their diets will quickly lead to health issues. Bird nutrition is a problematic issue. Continue reading

Is it Really Worth Wearing a Ski Helmet?

Is it Really Worth Wearing a Ski Helmet?

Just a few years ago only 25% of recreational skiers were wearing helmets. Now that number has trebled.  Curiously the number of serious head injuries recorded has remained largely the same. Does this mean that ski helmets are pointless? Continue reading

Scuba Diving in County Kerry

Scuba Diving in County Kerry

Way back in the early 1970’s we used to holiday every year with the local scuba diving team, a holiday which usually involved getting on a ferry and heading over to County Kerry in Southern Ireland, a place I have very fond memories of despite every Summer being a mix of high winds and rain, with the occasional patch of brilliant sunshine.

To this day I’m captivated by the beauty of the Dingle peninsular in County Kerry, which seems to resonate with film makers as well, with the mix of Hollywood block busters that have been filmed there! It’s great to hear that the film industry is continuing this trend as the latest Star Wars saga, Episode 7 and 8 being filmed on Skellig Michael, just off the coast of Kerry.

One of my first trips out with the dive team was off the Blasket Islands just off the Dingle peninsular. As was usual for the Irish sea, the weather was a bit choppy, which meant the inflatable tender we were using was being tossed about quite a bit. As I was just 10 years old at the time, I also had a hard time actually staying on board!

When the time came to get in the water, I had to admit I was a bit scared – at that time regulations were much laxer than they are now, so it wasn’t seen as unusual for someone who hadn’t even reached teenager status to be donning a wetsuit and flippers, let alone a tank and weights belt!

Dropping off the boat and into the cold water was a bit of a shock, but soon I was amazed at the clarity of the water. I’d been in the water around Cornwall and assumed that Irish water would be just as cloudy, but this was just like diving in the Mediterranean (except for being around 15 degrees cooler!)

As I was a novice diver, I couldn’t go too deep, but the haul of Lobster that day was amazing, with enough to fill a chest freezer back at the lodgings we were staying in.  Best of all, this first trip cemented my life-long love of the water, with diving and fishing being two of my favorite sports.  I’d have to say I’m still not a fan of inflatable boats though!


How to Prepare Your Horse for Summer

The higher temperatures and increased insect activity during the summer months can take their toll on your horse and so it is important to be prepared.  By considering the potential issues in advance you can avoid most of the problems that could arise, leaving you and your horse to enjoy a fabulous summer of riding. Continue reading

Travelling With Sports Equipment

For many travellers sporting activities are a big feature of their holidays. There is nothing quite like a white water rafting trip, the thrill of snow sports or simply taking a run in stunning surroundings. There are plenty of great options if you want to keep active whilst you are away but taking part in sports abroad does have its problems and these are mainly luggage related. Continue reading

Retro Rules

What goes around comes around, that is what they say and this is certainly true of fashion. I often wonder if it is worth holding on to all of my clothes long after they have gone out of fashion because you can bet your life that everything ends up being positively in again at some point in the future. If you wait long enough then those old styles that had you recoiling in horror will suddenly be the coolest things around. Continue reading

Dallas Buyers Club

I think most people are now aware of the health issues related to obesity and these should be enough to encourage anyone to lose weight if they need to. Add to that the desire to look good and there is all the motivation anyone needs. However, it is entirely possible to take things too far, to be too thin or to lose weight too rapidly and the results are neither healthy nor attractive.  I was reminded of this when I watched the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey lost a huge amount of weight to play the lead role and ended up looking simply awful! Continue reading