Essential Equipment for Motocross

Motocross is an exciting high octane sport which it is fun to participate in but it can be extremely hazardous and newcomers to the sport must ensure that they are properly equipped. The sport is not cheap and as cutting corners with your equipment can lead to disaster, think carefully about whether you have the resources to take part safely. If you think the sport could be for you here is what you will need to get started.


Your Machine

There are motocross centres where you can get a taste of the sport on hired equipment but if you want to ride regularly and get involved in racing then you will need your own bike. If your budget does not extend to a new machine tread carefully as it is essential that you know the history of the bike and that it does not have serious faults which could lead to disaster. If you buy a bike privately get the machine checked out by an expert or your local dealer and get the bike correctly set-up for you. Bear in mind that on top of the initial outlay for the machine you will have to keep it well maintained and this will be a significant on-going cost. Always use good quality parts and extras like Zeta Accessories to ensure a good level of performance.

Safety Gear and Clothing

Motocross is a dangerous high speed sport and there is always the possibility of serious injury. It is vital that you protect yourself as well as possible and so you should pay more attention to your protection than your style! You will need a helmet and make sure it is a good one. This is not an area where you should try to save money. The helmet should be new, of high quality and fit snugly. Used helmets may have been involved in an impact and their integrity could be compromised. Never wear a helmet that has been involved in an accident.

Googles should always be worn and as with your other equipment, it is bet to get used to wearing these from the outset. Test out a few different models to ensure that you end up with a pair that are comfortable to wear over a long period of time.

You can start out in the sport without proper race pants and wear jeans instead but if you do this you must still invest in knee pads or you are risking serious injury. Elbow pads are also advisable for beginners and you must wear a long sleeved shirt. Boots that rise above the ankle are required and it is best to opt for specialist motocross footwear like Fox or Alpine Stars. Ensure that your boots are worn in before you attempt to ride with them as otherwise they may be too rigid to manipulate and you will have trouble using the controls on the bike.

Body Armour is well worth considering as it will protect you from the impact from flying rocks and stones and will spread the force of any impact from falls. It takes a while to get used to riding in the armour and so it is a good idea to invest in your own from the outset and learn to ride wearing it.


Motorsport of any kind can result in serious injury and so insurance to help you financially in the event of a catastrophic event is worth considering. How will you cover your costs if you cannot work or need to take time out for treatment and how will you get to work if you cannot drive? All things to consider before you climb onto that bike!

Article by Sally Stacey who is a great sports enthusiast and who has gone through a few crash helmets in her time!