Grab your Fishing Tackle!

There are some absolutely amazing creatures on our Planet, which goes to show that diversity isn’t a bad thing!  Read here all about some of the strangest creatures to swim in our rivers and Oceans… finding out some bizarre facts along the way!  This infographic shows that certain species have been around for millions of years without any major changes, showing that if a design is good there’s no need to change!

Learn all about the Blobfish, a creature with no muscles which floats around in the deep Oceans off New Zealand hoovering up any food which floats by… the Coelacanth, a fish which was thought to be extinct 65 Million years ago and the Angler Fish, which uses a specially adapted fin to entice prey into striking distance.

You’ll see many amazing facts in this infographic, with references to the viability of fish stocks, what these fish eat and how they taste (if anyone has ever tried!)… something to remember when you take out your angling tackle next time!

World's Weirdest Fish Infographic

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