Hobbies on a Budget

It seems tougher and tougher to find a hobby or past time that doesn’t cost a lot to keep going. Many activities can be expensive, and tough to follow when keeping your eye on a budget. There are lots of alternatives, however, and you can find a past time to suit you without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions that might be suited to what you’re looking for.

Movie Clubs

Do you ever read those lists of ‘100 Films To Watch Before You Die‘ or some such, and think, “I will do this at some point,” but it never actually happens? There’s a way around it that means you get to have a social life and watch films. You can set up a page of Facebook for friends and create a movie night. Of course, you need to be mindful of of the friends you’re inviting. You’d need a good mix of people, after all, there’s no guarantee that avid fans of ‘Fast and Furious’ movies are going to give ‘Some Like It Hot’ the time of day. Although there is a car chase in it. Still, it’s a brilliant way of setting up a programme of must see films and getting your friends involved.


The hobby of knitting has been thriving again in recent years, and has captivated people from all walks of life. The main problem with knitting is it does get addictive. Also, it’s possible that you can go ahead and buy any old yarn because, well, yarn is yarn, right? Yarn comes in a lot of different types and varieties, and you could end up spending a lot on pure wool yarns when in fact buying synthetic mixes can help to keep costs down.

Writer’s Groups

Have you ever fancied yourself as a bit of a writer? There are writer’s groups that you can join to help you stretch your creative fingers and build your writing skills. It’s understandable that you might not feel confident, especially if you’re joining a group where you read your work out loud, but it can be really beneficial for techniques and advice that can really help a budding writer. Of course, when you get started you’re going to have nerves, and your writing might not be up to ‘snuff’ as such, but you have to start somewhere, and a writing group is a great way of doing it.

Horse Riding

Horse riding? I must be joking, right? Well, it might be seen as a reserve of the rich, it’s surprising how many stables cater for a wide range of budgets. When thinking about horse riding, or more specifically how much you’d need to spend, the first thoughts probably turn to the cost of buying the right gear. However, there’s no need to go for the top priced products when shopping for horse riding clothes. There are retailers that specialise in low cost riding gear and accessories, including boots. For safety wear, such as helmets or body protectors, these can often be borrowed from the stables or trainers themselves.


Article by Peter Shorney