Knitting Inspiration from Pinterest

DIY mania is currently taking the world by storm. People, squeezed by financial pressures, are turning to learning, using new DIY skills to save money and create their own goodies. For years now knitters have been doing the same. They haven’t because of financial pressures though, but because of the love of creating something special and unique with their bare hands. It’s this idea of uniqueness coupled with a close knit community (no pun intended!) that drives knitters to continuously be more daring in their designs.

Below are a few examples of some fabulous things people are knitting right now, being shared across social media from knitter to knitter!

Despicable Me Mittions

Despicable Me’ is a film by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. The latest instalment of this franchise sees the return of some very lovable characters from the first film, Minions! Without giving away too much, the Minions belong to a super villain! Their adorable design and personalities have become incredibly popular, with their images being featured all over the web and across social networks. See these wonderful mittens from Pinterest, knitted in Despicable Me fashion and available to purchase from US store ‘

Knit Lamp

Now this is something truly unique that I’ve certainly not seen before! This knitted lamp is referenced on Pinterest but originates on Etsy, as with most ground breaking knitted items! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like you’re still able to buy one of these remarkable items but it’s there for all to admire and share on Pinterest at least! As you can see a very close knit wraps around the lamps cable and fitting tightly and would look splendid hanging from a tall ceiling to a position over a small dining table in true Scandinavian fashion.

Knitted Helmets

Knitted helmets are a booming craze on websites like Etsy. If you’re only looking, then you only need to head over to Pinterest to see a great variety of fun designs that people are making. Perhaps the best I’ve seen is this lavish, Lord of the Rings, inspired Dwarven helmet below. That said, there are some wonderful designs emerging featuring styles inspired from everything from Norse mythology to computer games and cartoons. In fact I actually own an ‘Optimus Prime’ knitted helmet that I received as a gift.


If you’re comfortable with knitting, following patterns, or even working from scratch then it’s more than likely that you’re in a position to experiment! I think that I’ve shown that Pinterest can be an excellent place to gain knitting inspiration or ‘pinspiration’ as they say. You can find perfect value knitting yarns from manufacturers like King Cole online from retailers like Yarnfest that should get you off to a great start!