Helmet Cams and Law Enforcement

Sports enthusiasts will be familiar with the benefits of Go Pro and similar cameras which can be mounted to your helmet or body to record video footage of your exploits. Cyclists have adopted the practice in large numbers in order to gather vital evidence of bad driving causing accidents and now the police are trialling the use of the cameras to aid law enforcement. Continue reading

Is Cycling Becoming More Dangerous in Britain?


I used to cycle to work two of three days each week. It was a lengthy and hilly journey of 20 miles which took me variously on busy roads, quiet streets and cycle paths. I am not the fastest cyclist in the world and so the journeys ate up much of my spare time but I found that it was liberating to escape the traffic jams even if my travels took longer overall. Cycling was also great for my fitness levels and my wallet as I saved a fortune on fuel. Ultimately I returned to my car, however, as I was struggling for time and had come close to a having a bad accident on several occasions. Continue reading

Inventing Your Own Sports


As a child I was lucky enough to have a large garden which I rapidly turned into an adventure playground to be proud of. I was always a thrill seeker but my family lacked the funds to set me up in motor sport or to buy me a horse and so I had to create my own exciting activities in the garden. Looking back some of my efforts were pretty impressive and I could make a good argument for them becoming mainstream sports. Continue reading