Collectable Crazes (or Crazies?)

Hands up who remembers ranges like Sylvanian Families, or those sticker albums and packs of stickers which seemed to always contain the same stickers over and over? Kids love to collect things and marketers latch onto this by producing ranges designed to appeal to kids and to parents who remember the buzz of collecting from their childhood. Continue reading

How to be a Perfectly Pushy Parent

The media speak about a pushy parent as if they are something to avoid or be afraid of. There is certainly the lunatic fringe of the pushy parent brigade, the sort who put their children into those awful beauty contests or force them into learning Mandarin when they’d rather be watching Peppa Pig. Most of us who are proud to call ourselves pushy parents just want the best for our kids, and that they achieve their full potential. Being pushy can start from babyhood and is mostly about helping them with activities which will develop skills they need for later life. Continue reading