High Adrenaline Sports Don’t Have to be Dangerous

Adrenaline junkies know that there is no better thrill than tackling a black run on skis, parachuting out of an aeroplane or completing a challenging climb then abseiling back down to the bottom. The problem is that with that sort of adrenaline rush comes danger, and even with the best safety measures possible, people are going to get hurt taking part in these sorts of sports. There is definitely a balance to be struck between safety and exhilaration though, and there are a few sports which combine excitement in a safer environment. Continue reading

What to Look Out For in a Great Pair of Motocross Gloves

One of the essential pieces of kit for motocross is a pair of gloves. In the world of motocross, gloves aren’t about keeping your hands warm, they are much more about safety and protecting your hands from injury. They can also be quite a fashion statement. When you start surfing online or browsing through the shops for that perfect pair of gloves, you’ll be amazed by the variety of different types and brands on the market. Continue reading

Essential Equipment for Motocross

Motocross is an exciting high octane sport which it is fun to participate in but it can be extremely hazardous and newcomers to the sport must ensure that they are properly equipped. The sport is not cheap and as cutting corners with your equipment can lead to disaster, think carefully about whether you have the resources to take part safely. If you think the sport could be for you here is what you will need to get started. Continue reading