What to Look Out For in a Great Pair of Motocross Gloves

One of the essential pieces of kit for motocross is a pair of gloves. In the world of motocross, gloves aren’t about keeping your hands warm, they are much more about safety and protecting your hands from injury. They can also be quite a fashion statement. When you start surfing online or browsing through the shops for that perfect pair of gloves, you’ll be amazed by the variety of different types and brands on the market.



Like other items of protective motocross clothing, gloves come in lots of different sizes, and it is important to get a pair which fit. Gloves which are too loose can slip around and fall off when riding, and too tight gloves can be uncomfortable. If you are buying online and don’t have the option of trying gloves on, measure your hand to get the best size. To do this, measure around your palm just behind the knuckles, not including the thumb. If you are buying leather gloves, they will stretch over time so don’t worry if they feel tight when you buy them first.


The most important job of your gloves is to keep your hands, fingers and wrists protected if you fall off, so scrimping and buying the cheapest pair you can find is not a good idea. Take a look around your fellow riders and see what sort of gloves they favour, and ask them for recommendations about brands to look at. Look for gloves which to not feel flimsy, and which have good levels of padding all over. Many gloves have special gripping fabric on the palms and additional strapping around the wrist which is also useful extra protection.


Brand is less important than proper fit and good quality construction, but is still a consideration for many riders. If you have bought Fox helmet and shirt, it makes sense to buy your gloves from the same range to match. Similarly, if you have chosen other equipment which is all the same colour, choose 2014 Fox gloves in the same colour for a coordinated look.


If you are buying for a child, you will have to replace gloves as they grow, but even for adults it is important to check gloves regularly for signs of wear and tear. Once gloves start to get worn they may not protect your hands as efficiently, so buy a new pair as soon as you see this happening. Leather gloves can be more durable than other gloves as long as they are looked after properly, and they need regular cleaning. If gloves get muddy or wet when riding make sure they are cleaned and dried out as soon as possible and this will mean that they have a longer life than if they are just left in the bottom of the kit bag.


Article by Morag Peers