Adventure Sports – Daredevil or Safe as Houses?


I have always been the adventurous sort looking to travel and to try out new activities. Whenever I see something exciting I feel an overwhelming desire to have a go which you would think might have brought trouble knocking on my door at some point but it never has. Despite a complete lack of experience or skill in any particular outdoor pursuit I have survived white water rafting, hydrospeed, zip lining, horse riding, quad biking and paragliding on several occasions. I have always emerged with little more than the odd bruise so when my friends describe me as a daredevil I feel like a fraud. I am actually a bit of a wimp as my recent attempts at learning to ski have proved. Continue reading

It Pays to Know the Rules


I was listening to the radio commentary of the Champions League last night and enjoying the excitement of the match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Things were not looking good for City when they found themselves two goals down early in the match but after a magnificent comeback and three goals they were heading for a significant victory. It was then that manager Manuel Pellegrini made a curious substitution removing striker Edin Dzeko in favour of a more defensive player in the shape of Jack Rodwell. Continue reading

Who Will Win The World Cup?


I hadn’t really thought about this issue until the ludicrously long and overblown build up to the draw for the finals started this afternoon. They have been talking for what seems like hours and a ball hasn’t been drawn yet. There has been endless pontificating about who England might draw and what would be the worst case scenario when the truth is that it doesn’t matter who we get because we can’t win the tournament. Continue reading