Essential Equipment for Motocross

Motocross is an exciting high octane sport which it is fun to participate in but it can be extremely hazardous and newcomers to the sport must ensure that they are properly equipped. The sport is not cheap and as cutting corners with your equipment can lead to disaster, think carefully about whether you have the resources to take part safely. If you think the sport could be for you here is what you will need to get started. Continue reading

How to be a Perfectly Pushy Parent

The media speak about a pushy parent as if they are something to avoid or be afraid of. There is certainly the lunatic fringe of the pushy parent brigade, the sort who put their children into those awful beauty contests or force them into learning Mandarin when they’d rather be watching Peppa Pig. Most of us who are proud to call ourselves pushy parents just want the best for our kids, and that they achieve their full potential. Being pushy can start from babyhood and is mostly about helping them with activities which will develop skills they need for later life. Continue reading

Hobbies on a Budget

It seems tougher and tougher to find a hobby or past time that doesn’t cost a lot to keep going. Many activities can be expensive, and tough to follow when keeping your eye on a budget. There are lots of alternatives, however, and you can find a past time to suit you without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions that might be suited to what you’re looking for. Continue reading

Modern Aran


When you think of Aran knitting, it probably brings to mind images of the 1970s, folk singers and heavy, cream coloured sweaters with lots of cables and bobbles. It’s fair to say that there is still a lot of these sorts of garments around today, and they’re not exactly straight off the catwalk. Following an Aran pattern is challenging for all levels of knitters, but there’s no point in making something that nobody wants to be seen dead in. Thankfully, there is a more modern approach to this traditional technique. Continue reading

What Equipment Do You Need to Play Cricket?


There are few sports and activities you can engage in seriously without investing in the right equipment and cricket is no exception. There are many items which you should not be without but If you don’t play regularly or are on a restricted budget you may need to choose lower priced items which are aimed at the casual player. There is no point buying professional level equipment if you just have the occasional knock. High end gear comes at a price and there are many perfectly serviceable options at more friendly prices. Continue reading

A Birthday Present Dilemma

Choosing birthday presents can be difficult whoever they are for but we all have friends and relatives who turn the task into a veritable nightmare. This week I am faced with a huge problem in the shape of a friend whose birthday meal I am attending but who has left me totally clueless as to what I should buy him as a gift. My issue is not that I don’t know him nor that I lack the funds to buy something worth having, it is simply that this man only has one hobby or interest and I and his other friends have long since exhausted all possibilities in that direction. Continue reading

Does Learning to Dance Have to Be Expensive?



As the mother of a dance-mad 7 year old, I am well aware that some dance schools and the associated equipment can be horrendously expensive. Some dance schools, especially those teaching formal ballet, can demand their students have leotard, tutu, tights and shoes bought from their approved retailer, and that’s on top of the hefty tuition fees and exam entrance costs. And don’t even get me started on what some places charge parents to watch the end of term show and buy the obligatory DVD. It doesn’t have to be this way, but things will only change if parents and children want change. Continue reading

Why Tension is So Important

Most knitters pick up their needles to relieve their tension rather than create it, but if you don’t understand the basic concept of tension, then your knitting project could end up being too big or too small. On every knitting pattern or ball of yarn there is a diagram showing you what the tension should be, but if you’re anything like most knitters, you’ll completely ignore it and skip straight to casting on your stitches. This is however, sometimes a recipe for disaster. Continue reading

The Sporting Paradise of the Soča Valley

soca river

Slovenia is a small nation bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. What it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in breath-taking scenery and a huge variety of landscapes and cultural influences. In the north west of the country the Soča Valley is the jewel in the crown of this proud country and is a well-established centre for many sporting activities. If you are a fan of the great outdoors and fancy an active holiday in a beautiful setting then you should certainly consider this region as a destination for your next trip. Continue reading