Enjoy Your Sports Before You Fall Apart

I have always been an active and sporty person with a sense of adventure. Virtually every year has brought a new challenge with more activities to try and yet another sport to master. Until recently I have had no trouble coping with any activities and have always looked forward to more adventures but then things took a drastic turn for the worse as my body finally started to show signs of age. Continue reading

The Key to Exercise and Keeping your New Year’s Resolution


‘People in the Gym’ by Mike Fleming via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

January is full of people making resolutions that they ultimately will not keep.  One of the most popular resolutions you’ll notice is to eat healthily and exercise more often.  Usually about three weeks into January resolutions such as these begin to slip and before you know it they have disappeared completely.  The fact is that exercising, usually at the gym, just isn’t suited to everyone and for many it’s simply a monotonous chore.  Ask anyone at all and I’m sure that they will agree that the key to exercise is to find an activity that you love and which for you the exercise part is merely a bonus.

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Why You Should Wear A Ski Helmet

424px-Schumi_di_GP_Kanada_2011_croppedMichael Schumacher’s recent accident has focussed the spotlight on the subject of skiing accidents and the wearing of helmets. The demise of an unknown on the slopes rarely makes the headlines but Schumacher is big news and his accident has been subject to a forensic examination both by the authorities and the media. Many of the details are still unclear but one thing seems certain. If the racing driver had not been wearing a helmet he would almost certainly have died on the mountain.

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Ski Lift Carnage

A good friend of mine is somewhat infamous in the Italian skiing resorts of Sella Nevea and Tarvisio. On the occasion of our first skiing trip he managed to cause carnage in both destinations and achieved the unique distinction of causing an emergency stop on every lift he attempted to use! He eventually mastered the art of mounting and dismounting chairlifts, drag lifts and carpet lifts and so I thought all would be well on our return to the region over the festive season but I was wrong! Continue reading