Hobbies – World Record Breaking Knitting

Knitters are a sociable bunch, and they love nothing better than getting together with fellow knitters to have a chat and knit at the same time. The world record for the number of knitters all clicking away simultaneously is 3,010 and is held by a group in America. However, there is a British attempt to break this record and everyone is welcome to get involved.

Big Knit

The record attempt is part of the Big Knit, which is a successful campaign which has been running for several years with Age Concern and Innocent Smoothies. Before the Big Knit period, knitters all over the UK are asked to make little bobble hats to fit on top of a smoothie bottle. The bottles with the bobble hats are then sold in store, and for every bottle sold a donation is made to Age Concern. The Big Knit has been running for over 10 years and has raised over £1 million for charity. Continue reading

Grab your Fishing Tackle!

There are some absolutely amazing creatures on our Planet, which goes to show that diversity isn’t a bad thing!  Read here all about some of the strangest creatures to swim in our rivers and Oceans… finding out some bizarre facts along the way!  This infographic shows that certain species have been around for millions of years without any major changes, showing that if a design is good there’s no need to change! Continue reading