What’s In a Japanese Name?

Today it is hard to imagine that there was a time when we couldn’t record TV programmes or create our own video footage but there was and it wasn’t that long ago. I can still remember the excitement that ensued when the first video recorders started appearing. Being able to record and keep TV broadcasts seemed really out there and technologically brilliant but initially the equipment was extremely costly and beyond the means of most people. Continue reading

DIY Deficit


A recent survey by Netvouchercodes.co.uk suggests that Britain is a nation of incompetents when it comes to DIY. If this is true then a strange paradox has emerged. Whilst a raft of television programmes dedicated to home improvements is fuelling borderline paranoia about the qualities of our homes we appear to have lost the skills to do anything about the inadequacies. Continue reading

Helmet Cams and Law Enforcement

Sports enthusiasts will be familiar with the benefits of Go Pro and similar cameras which can be mounted to your helmet or body to record video footage of your exploits. Cyclists have adopted the practice in large numbers in order to gather vital evidence of bad driving causing accidents and now the police are trialling the use of the cameras to aid law enforcement. Continue reading