Is Cycling Becoming More Dangerous in Britain?


I used to cycle to work two of three days each week. It was a lengthy and hilly journey of 20 miles which took me variously on busy roads, quiet streets and cycle paths. I am not the fastest cyclist in the world and so the journeys ate up much of my spare time but I found that it was liberating to escape the traffic jams even if my travels took longer overall. Cycling was also great for my fitness levels and my wallet as I saved a fortune on fuel. Ultimately I returned to my car, however, as I was struggling for time and had come close to a having a bad accident on several occasions. Continue reading

Paragliding From First


Paragliding may look a bit dare devil and the sort of sporting activity that is reserved for experts but the truth is that pretty much anyone can give it a go. Tandem flights are available in many tourist hotspots and as long as you can run a few paces you will be fine to jump. You will be strapped to a qualified pilot and take to the air where you can enjoy the serenity and snaffle the best views of the region. Continue reading