Is a Pet Bird the Right Choice for You?

If you like birds and enjoy watching them in your garden, it is possible that a bird would be an excellent pet for you. But before you decide whether to offer a home to a bird there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. A pet birds can be more demanding and costly than you might imagine and you must be sure that you are able to properly care for your new feathered friend. Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Horse for Summer

The higher temperatures and increased insect activity during the summer months can take their toll on your horse and so it is important to be prepared.  By considering the potential issues in advance you can avoid most of the problems that could arise, leaving you and your horse to enjoy a fabulous summer of riding. Continue reading

Travelling With Sports Equipment

For many travellers sporting activities are a big feature of their holidays. There is nothing quite like a white water rafting trip, the thrill of snow sports or simply taking a run in stunning surroundings. There are plenty of great options if you want to keep active whilst you are away but taking part in sports abroad does have its problems and these are mainly luggage related. Continue reading

Dallas Buyers Club

I think most people are now aware of the health issues related to obesity and these should be enough to encourage anyone to lose weight if they need to. Add to that the desire to look good and there is all the motivation anyone needs. However, it is entirely possible to take things too far, to be too thin or to lose weight too rapidly and the results are neither healthy nor attractive.  I was reminded of this when I watched the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew McConaughey lost a huge amount of weight to play the lead role and ended up looking simply awful! Continue reading

Low Flying Luggage

Camping trips and adventure sports require copious amounts of equipment which has to be transported somehow. Most cars won’t accommodate everything in the boot so it is often necessary to expand the storage capacity of the vehicle. That is all well and good as long as this is done properly but sometimes it isn’t and that can turn a car into a weapon of mass destruction! Continue reading

Changing Room Security

If you visit a sports or fitness facility of any kind then you will probably be using the changing rooms. In an ideal world this would be a safe place to leave your personal possessions but we don’t live in an ideal world and locker room theft is extremely common in public facilities, private clubs, schools and colleges. Sadly even a lock can be no barrier to the experienced thief so how do you avoid becoming a victim? Continue reading

Use Your Parks!

The developed world is heading for a crisis with obesity levels rising and fitness levels falling. I am sure that there are a variety of excuses that people use to explain their poor lifestyles and two of them are certainly money and time. It is true that preparing good food and exercising do take time and if you want to participate in sports or go to the gym then there is a cost involved. However, it is possible to use your local neighbourhood to keep active and this is free and a real time saver because it is right outside your door! Continue reading

Figure Skating Jumps


Figure skating is one of the most popular winter sports with spectators. The unbelievable athleticism of the skaters, their grace, the wonderful music and the exotic costumes combine to produce a dazzling spectacle that you simply can’t take your eyes off. There is also great potential for disaster as the competitors attempt increasingly difficult jumps and often fall. Drama generally ensues at the end of routines as the marks are announced and audience favourites appear to be marked down. The trouble is that skaters perform manoeuvres at such high speed that with the distractions of the artistry it is difficult for the uninitiated to detect errors in the delivery of the jumps. Continue reading

The Key to Exercise and Keeping your New Year’s Resolution


‘People in the Gym’ by Mike Fleming via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

January is full of people making resolutions that they ultimately will not keep.  One of the most popular resolutions you’ll notice is to eat healthily and exercise more often.  Usually about three weeks into January resolutions such as these begin to slip and before you know it they have disappeared completely.  The fact is that exercising, usually at the gym, just isn’t suited to everyone and for many it’s simply a monotonous chore.  Ask anyone at all and I’m sure that they will agree that the key to exercise is to find an activity that you love and which for you the exercise part is merely a bonus.

Continue reading

It Pays to Know the Rules


I was listening to the radio commentary of the Champions League last night and enjoying the excitement of the match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Things were not looking good for City when they found themselves two goals down early in the match but after a magnificent comeback and three goals they were heading for a significant victory. It was then that manager Manuel Pellegrini made a curious substitution removing striker Edin Dzeko in favour of a more defensive player in the shape of Jack Rodwell. Continue reading