DIY Deficit


A recent survey by suggests that Britain is a nation of incompetents when it comes to DIY. If this is true then a strange paradox has emerged. Whilst a raft of television programmes dedicated to home improvements is fuelling borderline paranoia about the qualities of our homes we appear to have lost the skills to do anything about the inadequacies. Continue reading

Tools – Why Online isn’t Always Best

We’re doing more and more online these days, from keeping in touch with friends on social networks to managing our finance and even our supermarket shopping. Internet shopping has been blamed in part for the demise of some big retail brands like HMV or Woolworths, but sometimes internet shopping isn’t the best option. Tool and building supplies company Screwfix hit the headlines recently when it seemed to be moving in the opposite direction from the competition by seeking out new physical stores in addition to its online presence. So what are the advantages of shopping in a proper retail store for your screws, drill bits and plasterboard? Continue reading

5 Jobs You Will Need a Wood Plane For

If you are new to woodwork and DIY then it can be hard to work out what is absolutely essential and what tools you can do without, or hire when you need them. Every tool kit should contain the basic screwdrivers, hammers and a saw or two but what about more specialised tools like planes or workbenches? There are many good reasons to buy a woodworking plane though, as they can be used for more jobs than you may think. Continue reading