Is it Really Worth Wearing a Ski Helmet?

Is it Really Worth Wearing a Ski Helmet?

Just a few years ago only 25% of recreational skiers were wearing helmets. Now that number has trebled.  Curiously the number of serious head injuries recorded has remained largely the same. Does this mean that ski helmets are pointless? Continue reading

Travelling With Sports Equipment

For many travellers sporting activities are a big feature of their holidays. There is nothing quite like a white water rafting trip, the thrill of snow sports or simply taking a run in stunning surroundings. There are plenty of great options if you want to keep active whilst you are away but taking part in sports abroad does have its problems and these are mainly luggage related. Continue reading

Bespoke Ski Boots are On the Horizon


Memories of my first forays into the world of skiing are still fresh. I had booked a first trip to the slopes and was facing the prospect of accumulating all of the necessary clothing and equipment. I couldn’t believe how many things I needed to buy but I really didn’t want to rent anything. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like skiing but renting was relatively costly and seemed like money down the drain. I had a lot of shopping to do but everything was going well until I got to the boots. Continue reading

Figure Skating Jumps


Figure skating is one of the most popular winter sports with spectators. The unbelievable athleticism of the skaters, their grace, the wonderful music and the exotic costumes combine to produce a dazzling spectacle that you simply can’t take your eyes off. There is also great potential for disaster as the competitors attempt increasingly difficult jumps and often fall. Drama generally ensues at the end of routines as the marks are announced and audience favourites appear to be marked down. The trouble is that skaters perform manoeuvres at such high speed that with the distractions of the artistry it is difficult for the uninitiated to detect errors in the delivery of the jumps. Continue reading

Winter Olympic Inspiration

A global sporting event usually results in at least some people being inspired to try out new activities or to return to a hobby from their youth. With the Winter Olympics now including several cool and funky disciplines like snowboarding and freestyle skiing I can imagine that there are many youngsters looking on and feeling that they might want to take up snowsports. That is fine if you live in Switzerland but perhaps not so easy in you live in Surrey! Continue reading

Enjoy Your Sports Before You Fall Apart

I have always been an active and sporty person with a sense of adventure. Virtually every year has brought a new challenge with more activities to try and yet another sport to master. Until recently I have had no trouble coping with any activities and have always looked forward to more adventures but then things took a drastic turn for the worse as my body finally started to show signs of age. Continue reading

Why You Should Wear A Ski Helmet

424px-Schumi_di_GP_Kanada_2011_croppedMichael Schumacher’s recent accident has focussed the spotlight on the subject of skiing accidents and the wearing of helmets. The demise of an unknown on the slopes rarely makes the headlines but Schumacher is big news and his accident has been subject to a forensic examination both by the authorities and the media. Many of the details are still unclear but one thing seems certain. If the racing driver had not been wearing a helmet he would almost certainly have died on the mountain.

Continue reading

Ski Lift Carnage

A good friend of mine is somewhat infamous in the Italian skiing resorts of Sella Nevea and Tarvisio. On the occasion of our first skiing trip he managed to cause carnage in both destinations and achieved the unique distinction of causing an emergency stop on every lift he attempted to use! He eventually mastered the art of mounting and dismounting chairlifts, drag lifts and carpet lifts and so I thought all would be well on our return to the region over the festive season but I was wrong! Continue reading

Adventure Sports – Daredevil or Safe as Houses?


I have always been the adventurous sort looking to travel and to try out new activities. Whenever I see something exciting I feel an overwhelming desire to have a go which you would think might have brought trouble knocking on my door at some point but it never has. Despite a complete lack of experience or skill in any particular outdoor pursuit I have survived white water rafting, hydrospeed, zip lining, horse riding, quad biking and paragliding on several occasions. I have always emerged with little more than the odd bruise so when my friends describe me as a daredevil I feel like a fraud. I am actually a bit of a wimp as my recent attempts at learning to ski have proved. Continue reading

Paragliding From First


Paragliding may look a bit dare devil and the sort of sporting activity that is reserved for experts but the truth is that pretty much anyone can give it a go. Tandem flights are available in many tourist hotspots and as long as you can run a few paces you will be fine to jump. You will be strapped to a qualified pilot and take to the air where you can enjoy the serenity and snaffle the best views of the region. Continue reading